“The Epilepsy Foundation Of New Jersey Has A New Name”

“The Epilepsy Foundation Of New Jersey Has A New Name”

“We’re not changing our mission or the services we offer. All we’re changing is our name. Epilepsy Services of New Jersey…

The Epilepsy Foundation of New Jersey (EFNJ) is changing its name to Epilepsy Services of New Jersey to position itself for the future and to strengthen the organization’s ability to meet the needs of individuals with epilepsy and their families. For over 48 years, Epilepsy Services of New Jersey (formerly EFNJ), has been the leading organization providing services to the 129,000 individuals with epilepsy and to their families throughout New Jersey. These services include Seizure Recognition and First Aid Trainings, Webinars, Emergency Medication, the M.E. – My Epilepsy App, and Camp NOVA.

Since its inception, EFNJ has been a state affiliate of the Epilepsy Foundation of America (EFA). In recent years, EFA has evolved its focus with more attention being paid to research and advocacy while simultaneously adapting its approach to working with state affiliates. Epilepsy Services of New Jersey (ESNJ) believes that the best way to continue serving our local epilepsy communities going forward is to operate independently. ESNJ wishes EFA well and applauds its important work in research and advocacy at a national level.

“We’re not changing our mission or the services we offer. All we’re changing is our name. Epilepsy Services of New Jersey will continue its commitment to the provision of the quality services and supports we’ve offered for nearly half a century and look forward to supplementing them with new and exciting service offerings such as licensed therapeutic services,” said Eric Joice, CEO of Epilepsy Services of New Jersey. “Having been the CEO of this organization for 35 years, I can promise you that while our name has changed, our commitment to the epilepsy community of New Jersey has not.”

For persons with epilepsy in New Jersey, for their families and caregivers, and for any persons or businesses in the New Jersey area who wishes to assist persons with epilepsy and improve their lives, ESNJ will remain the organization of choice with the expertise and history needed to deliver effectively and efficiently. With a longstanding history as an advocate and provider for people impacted by epilepsy and their families, ESNJ launched one of the first epilepsy-friendly Summer sleep-away camps in 1989; ESNJ pushed for the passage of and attended the signing of the American with Disabilities Act at the White House in 1990; and ESNJ was the only lay organization to participate in the first Russian-American Epilepsy Symposium in 1996.

“Today, ESNJ continues to answer every call, joining families on their unique epilepsy journey, celebrating the seizure free days and supporting them through the long hospital stays,” said Warren Josephson, Board President. “No matter where you are on your epilepsy journey, Epilepsy Services of New Jersey is right by your side in the same way, if you’re someone who has supported us in the past through volunteer work or donations, we hope you’ll continue that commitment to the community through ESNJ,” emphasized Josephson.

For further information, please contact Adeola Sonaike at asonaike@epilepsynj.org or at 800-336-5843.