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Epilepsy and How To Deal with It (Complete Video)

Epilepsy and how to deal with it Why do so many people feel life is over just because they developed epilepsy? Why do so many people with epilepsy carry so much anger inside themselves? Emotions […]


Epilepsy and The New You. Learn how to cope with epilepsy emotionally How to become the person you always dreamed of being. Learn how to move on with your life without letting epilepsy get in […]

Natural Remedies & Cleanses : How to Do a Full Body Detox

How to do a full body cleanse using supplements. You may not know, but your body is screaming for a detox. Body detoxification plays a crucial role in helping you develop the habits that will […]

Epilepsy Motivation: Teaching Your Children To Be A Leader Not A Follower

Growing up with epilepsy was difficult. I wanted so badly to fit in with all the other kids because I felt like I was different. In this video, I talk about what I went through […]

An Ounce of Gratitude Goes a Long Way

As 2018 quickly makes its way to a closing, I find myself saying the same thing as I said the previous year “Where did the year go?” As we get older and life gets more complex, […]

How I Got My Epilepsy Under Control

A Natural Approach to Coping & Living with Epilepsy. By Stacey Chillemi –

Living with Epilepsy: My Story

I have been living with epilepsy for the last 7 years. I hope this video gives you guys some insight on what my life is like and what epileptic people go through.

Author Stacey Chillemi on How to Cope with Epilepsy

Learn how to live a happy, healthy life with epilepsy. Author Stacey Chillemi will show you how to live and cope with epilepsy.

The Little Things We Take for Granted

At eighteen, I was issued a license that right of passage so important for a young person striving for independence and autonomy. Since I have epilepsy, I was even more excited to get my license […]


 My Mission I hope the articles I post on this website will help many women with epilepsy that want to have children but are afraid to because of their disorder. There are many myths about […]