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You Don’t Look Like You Have Epilepsy

“Not every condition is always visible.” I live with Epilepsy. I have lived with this condition for going on 7 years this December. Diagnosed in 2008, four short months after marrying my husband, days before […]

The Little Things We Take for Granted

At eighteen, I was issued a license that right of passage so important for a young person striving for independence and autonomy. Since I have epilepsy, I was even more excited to get my license […]

Epilepsy Survivor: Charlie Shor Is Out Of The Bag

I have had many adventures in my 57 years, and I have accomplished much. But the main message of my story, which I have been given the opportunity to share, is that anything is possible. […]

Epilepsy Survivor: No Longer Afraid to Talk About Epilepsy

Paul Ramirez climbed Mt. Whitney, the highest point in the contiguous United States. For most of Paul Ramirez’s life, only those closest to him knew that he lived with a serious brain disorder. Ramirez, of […]