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How To Cure Anxiety Naturally

Many of us lead fast-paced lives and live out of sync with natural rhythms by going to sleep late, waking early, working long hours, not taking enough rest and leisure time, and eating when we’re […]

What Foods Or Supplements Someone With Epilepsy Can Take To help Their Brain Recover From Memory Loss Following The Seizures?

The term clonic seizure disorder (or tonic-clonic seizure disorder) indicates grand mal seizures, which involve the whole body. These seizures, usually due to epilepsy, are characterized by muscle rigidity, violent muscle contractions and loss of […]

Treatment for Epilepsy: Herbal Remedies for Epilepsy

Long before Dilantin and Phenobarbital, there was epilepsy. And herbal remedies. Of course, these herbal epilepsy remedies are NOT substitutes to anti-seizure medications but are more like a supplementary support. Most of them work by [...]

Herbal Medicines For Seizures and Epilepsy Treatment

Seizures are the tingling or twitching in small areas of the body, such as the face, or the loss of consciousness and uncontrolled jerks of entire body. Recurrent seizures are called epilepsy. Seizures may affect […]

Does Fish Oil Help Prevent Seizures?

Approximately 2.3 million adults and around 470,000 children in the US have epilepsy, a lifelong neurological condition characterized by recurrent seizures. Now, a new study claims epilepsy patients could cut seizure frequency by consuming low […]