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Questions & Answers About Transition to Epilepsy Services of New Jersey

1.       Why is this change happening?

For 48 years, Epilepsy Services of New Jersey (ESNJ) formerly Epilepsy Foundation of New Jersey, has been the leading organization providing services to individuals with epilepsy and to their families in New Jersey.  After many years of successfully operating as the NJ affiliate of Epilepsy Foundation of America (EFA), EFA has elected to change its approach to working with its state affiliates.  ESNJ, like a number of other state affiliates, believe that the best way to continue to serve our local epilepsy communities going forward is to operate independently.  We’re not changing our mission or the services we offer.  All we’re changing is our name.

2.    What does this all really mean to me?

Epilepsy Services of New Jersey’s primary commitment continues to be, helping to improve the quality of life for people with epilepsy and their families in New Jersey.  In recent years, National Epilepsy Foundation has pulled away from direct family support and placed a dual focus on fundraising and research.  The role to provide programs benefiting people with epilepsy and education had been placed solely on affiliates. Our name might be changing, but our commitment has not. 

3.       How does this change affect the support I receive from me and my family?

It will not.  We are here to support you as we have always been, and will continue to answer your calls.

4.       Will the new structure hamper the Epilepsy Services of New Jersey’s ability to respond to unique community needs?

No, our staff will continue to serve the people with epilepsy in New Jersey and their loved ones. 

5.       What is the new title of the organization and when does this go into effect?

Epilepsy Services of New Jersey, this title will go into effect on July 22, 2018.

6.       Will there be a new website?

Yes, our websites are being updated and will be better than ever! Stay tuned for

Organizational changes

1.       Will the leadership of Epilepsy Services of New Jersey change?

 No, our current Board of Trustees will remain in their positions and you will still be able to call or email our staff that you have gotten to know through the years!

2.       Will the day-to-day business of the organization change? 


3.       Will Epilepsy Services of New Jersey still be a non-profit organization? 


4.       Will Epilepsy Services of New Jersey continue as an affiliate of The Family Resource Network? 


Programs & Services

1.       How will the disaffiliation impact the services you currently provide? 

ESNJ is committed to continuing to provide to the NJ epilepsy community the services we’ve offered for half a century and to supplement them with new and exciting service offerings.

2.       Will my family notice a difference?

No, but If you do please call us at 800.336.5843.

3.       Are there any programs/resources that will no longer exist or be available to the people of NJ?

Epilepsy Services of New Jersey will not participate in the annual Teens Speak Up conference.  However, there will continue to be opportunities for teens and adults to advocate in NJ.

Fundraising & Events

1.       Can NJ families still raise $ benefitting NJ residents by participating in events run by national?


2.       Will the annual events/fundraisers/ walks that the organization holds still take place? 

Yes, we will continue our annual events such as Glow Walk Run and Paint the Pony Purple. 

3.       Will Epilepsy Services of New Jersey lose funding because of the separation and if so, are there other means from which it will be acquired?

As an affiliate, we actually supported the National organization with dues.  In some situations, we even applied for the same funding and grants as National. 

4.       Is the national organization going to place as much of a priority on funding direct care for people with epilepsy and their families in New Jersey as the local chapter does?

No, National will probably remain focused on research and fundraising.

5.       If the people from New Jersey want to donate to help support Epilepsy Services of NJ where and who should they donate to?

Donors can send support to ESNJ to the same addresses and same events as they have in the past.  Checks will just need to be made out to Epilepsy Services of New Jersey, not EFNJ. 

6.       If the people from New Jersey donate at the national website will Epilepsy Services of New Jersey receive the donation?

No, donations to National have never been shared with our affiliate.

7.       Can I still go to the national walk in Washington, DC and will ESNJ receive the monies we raise? 

No, Epilepsy Services of New Jersey will not receive money raised at that national walk, however, we will continue to hold our Glow Walk Run in Jersey City.

Does anyone have any questions or concerns?