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Succeed in Life

Life comes with obstacles,

Obstacles that must be pursued,

No matter how tough the hurdle,

You will succeed by trying your best,

Failure does not exist if you try,

Taking “one day at a time,

You cannot change the past,

The best is yet to come,

The present is now,

Focus and work on the present,

Success will follow in the future,

Focus on the goals that you create for yourself,

Change is wonderful,

Do not fear change,

Chang is wonderful,

Today is the beginning to a new destiny,

A mind is a powerful tool that has the strength to achieve,

Create a plan to help cope with your disorder

Epilepsy is a disorder

Not a disease,

Believe in yourself and focus on the positive aspects of life,

Take “one step at a time,”

Focus on what you have, not what you do not have,

Life is what you make it,

So look at the positive and overpower the negative,

You control your life,


Epilepsy does not control it