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This Is Your Life

Disorders create obstacles,

Inner emotions feeling as though it is difficult to focus on the things that mean the most to you in life,

What is important is happiness,

To be happy one must follow inner dreams, passions, and desires,

Suffering from epilepsy or any disorder can confuse and overwhelm one with emotion,

Emotions you may not understand,

Do not let these emotions stop you from loving life and loving yourself,

Life is a gift from the heavens above,

Feel of anger may linger inside,

But the truth is “This is your Life’,

You are not a product from a store that you can exchange for a new one,

There is a reason you were blessed on this earth,

Search your soul,

Seek the truth,

In addition, you will find your destiny,

Why you were chosen to live this life,

Have faith, hope, and believe in yourself,

Your destiny lies in front of you,


Open your eyes and your mind to the pathway of your destination.

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