Frequently Asked Questions

Coaching is an interactive process, between a client and a coach to facilitate significant changes in the client’s thinking, actions, and beliefs. This is achieved through powerful conversations where we discuss what is holding you back and empower them to come up with solutions on your own that actualize, potential, performance, focus, clarity, and support your goals. All of this helps improve your quality of life.

Yes, you can. If you are willing to look at what is holding you back and through powerful questioning see what possibilities are available to you. Coaching can be the jump-off thing that enables you to change your quality of life, achieve your goals, and achieve the happiness you desire.

In holistic coaching, we look at any and everything that may be on your mind, may it be physical, spiritual, or emotional. We work with “all of you” to help you find the answers you are looking for. Whatever you may want to deal with, we can work on it.

What we discuss in your sessions, stays in those sessions. It is important to build your trust.

That is up to you. As you see on my website, I offer packages with different amounts of sessions. Whatever package you choose, you can decide the frequency we meet that will help you best. I understand you may have other appointments as part of your treatment. I am here for you whenever you would like to meet.

We will meet via Zoom. When you sign up for your session, you will receive a link to my Zoom account as part of the confirmation email.

It varies depending on a wide range of factors: what you want to achieve, your commitment to the process, your openness to change, your ability to be introspective, your circumstances, and other factors unique to your situation. That is okay. There is no one formula that works for everyone. Some people find their solutions in a few sessions, others may take longer.

You may choose to end at any time. Although, I do ask that you provide a week’s notice so that we can schedule a final session for review and closure. Just remember, the decision is up to you.