Share Your Epilepsy Video

We invite you to use your phone or video camera to share your epilepsy video.


  1. Share about you or your loved ones life with epilepsy.
  2. Share an inspiring message about epilepsy
  3. Share how you cope with epilepsy
  4. Tell us about your epilepsy hero
  5. Send us a video of what it’s like to take your meds and share tips like how you remember not to forget to take your meds.
  6. How does it feel to work with epilepsy?  What challenges do you face and how do you deal with them.
  7. How does it feel to live life with epilepsy?
  8. How do you feel telling someone you have epilepsy?  Are you afraid to because you don’t want to be judged by your disorder?  Tell us we want to know.

We also accept YouTube Videos, so if you have your epilepsy video uploaded to YouTube send us the share URL.

NOTE: Please do not submit videos containing inappropriate language, images, or strobe lights.

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