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Epilepsy Drugs Increase People’s Risk of Dementia by Up To 60% By Breaking Down Brain Cells

The use of antiepileptic drugs is associated with an increased risk of Alzheimer's disease and dementia, according to a new study from the University of Eastern Finland and the German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases, DZNE. [...]

Seizures: The Different Types and Their Symptoms

On this page, you’ll learn and discover about seizures, the different types and their symptoms.

Seizures and Migraines: The Connection Between The Two

If you’re affected by migraine pain, you’re not alone. Over a three-month period, it’s estimated that 17 to 23 percent of Americans have at least one migraine. People with active epilepsy are twice as likely as the general population [...]

Living with Epilepsy: Quick Tips for Epilepsy, Menstruation, and Ovulation

I had my first seizure—a grand mal—when I was five years old. When my parents found me, my lips were blue, my eyes were rolled back, and my entire body was shaking. I was diagnosed […]

Detoxifying My Body Helped My Epilepsy

Living life with any medical problem can be a colossal struggle. Nevertheless, it is a challenge and an opportunity to help others. I am a mother of three, a wife and writer. My journey and […]

Herbal Medicines For Seizures and Epilepsy Treatment

Seizures are the tingling or twitching in small areas of the body, such as the face, or the loss of consciousness and uncontrolled jerks of entire body. Recurrent seizures are called epilepsy. Seizures may affect […]

Children’s Health Maternal rheumatoid arthritis linked to childhood epilepsy

Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disease whereby the body’s own immune system attacks the joints. New research suggests there may be a link between mothers with the autoimmune disorder and their children who develop epilepsy. […]