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An Ounce of Gratitude Goes a Long Way

As 2018 quickly makes its way to a closing, I find myself saying the same thing as I said the previous year “Where did the year go?” As we get older and life gets more complex, […]

Fighting Seizures and Memory Loss with Herbs (Podcast Interview with Dr. Michael Pound & Stacey Chillemi)

  Podcast Interview with Dr. Michael Pound & Stacey Chillemi     Health Expert Stacey Chillemi Stacey Chillemi is the founder of The Complete Herbal Guide and popular blogger on living a healthy life. She […]

Growing Hope -Three mothers from Virginia band together to pursue an unconventional treatment for their desperately ill children (Part 1)

Marijuana Saves Lives Marijuana is not about just getting high. It’s about saving lives. The people who are against medical marijuana are the ones who don’t know much about it. Listen to this video to […]

Understanding the Emotional Aspect of Someone Who Suffers from Epilepsy

Can having epilepsy affect one’s emotions and behavior? Concerns about the effect of having recurring seizures on an individual’s emotional state and behavior are often raised. The majority of persons with epilepsy have no more […]

Actor Greg Grunberg’s Son’s Brave Battle with Epilepsy

Actor Greg Grunberg of ‘Heroes’ and ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ fame, joins The Doctors to share the story of his son’s epilepsy and what Greg is now doing to help advocate for others. Subscribe […]

Risk Factors for Developing Epilepsy

Risk Factors Babies who are small for their gestational age Infants who have seizures in the first month of life Infantile who are born with abnormal brain structures Bleeding into the brain Abnormal blood vessels […]

Ways The Ketogenic Diet Can Help to Control Seizures in People with Epilepsy

In March 2006 our life changed when Rachel, our 5-year-old, experienced a status epilepticus (prolonged seizure) that lasted for over 10 hours. We began on a very frightening roller coaster ride with epilepsy. Medication after [...]

Young Epilepsy – KS1 e-learning video: Ben and Sunita’s Big Day Out

Watch this short cartoon about a young boy who has a seizure whilst enjoying a day out with his parents and best friend. This animation focuses on how to keep someone safe during a seizure […]

Epilepsy – How to Teach Children About Epilepsy

How to Teach Children About Epilepsy To Find Stacey’s books on Amazon go to my book section.

How I Got My Epilepsy Under Control

A Natural Approach to Coping & Living with Epilepsy. By Stacey Chillemi – thecompleteherbalguide.com