Tag: poetry

Believe In Your Heart

Faith, Courage Wisdom, Strength & Hope I woke up one night in the hours of darkness, I sat up straight in my bed to find a shimmering light in my closet, But there were no […]

Special Gifts

We all carry a special characteristic that makes us special Everyone has special gifts Everyone is talented Everyone can achieve his or her dreams The future is still to come The present is now The past […]

Everything Is Meaningless Unless You Have Love

Love & Care for Yourself Your face will not glow with happiness unless you love yourself, The birds will not sing songs unless you sing with them, The flowers will not blossom unless you water […]

The Power of Ambition

Every morning when I wake up, I awake looking forward to what I can accomplish. Developing positive goals, Realizing the power of ambition The power of change, Life consists of positive transformation. Nothing is final unless […]

Philosophy of Survival

The past is no longer here, Your disability is now a part of you, The present is today, Survival of the fittest, This means accepting your disorder, Loving who you are, Making each day a positive […]

To Succeed in Life

We must face our fears in order to overcome the obstacles in our life. Life comes with obstacles, Obstacles that must be pursued, No matter how tough the hurdle, You will succeed by trying your best, Failure does […]

Be Thankful

Don’t Take the Little Things in Life for Granted Be thankful for what you have Many others are not as blessed as you are And not materialistically Be thankful for the people in your life […]